There are always opportunities to learn at the Dunbar. Take a look of the classes offered at the Dunbar and how to engage with our community.


School Lunch Symposium

Join the College of Education, University of Arizona Nutritional Sciences Department, and the Beyond Foundation in asking and examining the underlying question: Are School Lunches Healthy?

On Friday, May 31, we are co-hosting a School Lunch Symposium at The Dunbar Pavilion from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to share information and brainstorm solutions around the critical issue of school lunches.


Heart Medicine: Honey, Tonics, and Tisanes

Join Patrisia Gonzales to learn to identify healing desert plants and discover a connection to Place. In this three hour workshop she will demonstrate how the use of flowers and aromatic plants can calm the spirit, feed the heart, and relax the system so that it can release stress. Participants will make herbal infused honeys, teas, and floral waters. Offered in partnership with Dunbar African American Cultural Center.