City of Tucson Proclamation

WHEREAS, in a day when Tucson was younger and immature, there was a school that would become a symbol of an unfortunate past in our community; and

WHEREAS, DUNBAR SCHOOL was a segregated experience that gave prejudice an undeserved foothold in this otherwise favorable place, where the rich tapestry of a multicultural community would eventually be woven; and

WHEREAS, despite the injustice of its being, DUNBAR provided a solid education for hundreds of black youngsters, with student bodies that produced outstanding achievers in all disciplines and adult leadership for all manner of human endeavor; and


WHEREAS, in 1951, the DUNBAR reality was ended by community conscience, but the happy memories of those who attended DUNBAR were left for them to keep and to later share; and

WHEREAS, a time to remember with a DUNBAR SCHOOL homecoming has been scheduled, with an estimated 270 former students expected to take part,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lew Murphy, Mayor of the City of Tucson, Arizona, in order to call community attention to this event, do hereby proclaim Saturday, the 28th day of November 1987, to be 


in this community, and urge that all citizens take this occasion to reflect that good memories can take wing even when denied the full flight of fancy due them.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City of Tucson to be affixed this 27th day of November 1987.

Lew Murphy, Mayor

Donald L. De Ment, City Clerk