Experience The Dunbar

Those who currently occupy the space are the Dunbar Experience. You will find performers, artists, tradesmen/women, and educators with the combined desire to continue the legacy of the Dunbar Pavilion.


IDEA School

The IDEA School provides a child-centered education that nurtures competence, creativity, collaboration and compassion through work that is meaningful to students and promotes lifelong learning.

Through real-world problem solving and teamwork, IDEA School students grow to take charge of their learning and therefore their lives, both in and out of school.

Dunbar Barber Academy

Dunbar Barber Academy was first formed in the mind of it’s managing instructor Martio Harris. Dunbar’s original name was going to be Kingdom Kutz Barber Institute. 


Barbea Williams Dance and Performance Company

Barbea Williams Performing Company, Arizona’s premier African Centered Performing Company. Specializing in Dance, Choreography and Culture.

Visual and Textile Arts of Tucson

The Visual and Textile Arts of Tucson (VTAT) is a collective of artists, educators, and arts organizations that have come together to create a collective space where groups and individuals can learn about, practice and share their interest in textile and visual arts.

Open to the public, VTAT will be the hub of exhibition, instruction, convening, collaboration, and commerce activities. The center will allow for facilitation of workshops, trade shows, and the presentation of works by local, national, and international artists and educators; attracting enthusiasts and individuals from around the globe to experience the inspiration of the Sonoran Desert.


Kore Press

Kore Press, Inc is an innovative print and online literary publishing house celebrating multiple feminist expressions from creative writers and thinkers that span practices, aesthetics, sexualities, races, and ethnicities. For the last 25 years, the work and mission of Kore Press has been to provide a progressive platform for diverse literary and cultural work by women and transgendered writers, and to create innovative programming that puts different communities in conversation.