Press Release: The Dunbar Pavilion Awarded Haury Grant

Tucson, AZ (02/25/2019) – The Agnese Haury Program of Environment and Social Justice (Haury Program) announces The Dunbar Pavilion as the recipient of the Fall 2018 competitive grant cycle.

The Dunbar Pavilion project, Toward a Vision of Community Wellness: Reclaiming Agency, Self-Care, and Connection to Place, has received seed funding and will seek to define innovative ways to confront environment and social justice challenges.

The Dunbar Pavilion, in conjunction with UA Center for Regional Food Studies, El Rio Health Centers, and the African American Coalition for Health and Wellness, will be implementing, designing, and evaluating health and wellness education programs to reclaim traditions of cultivating food and herbal remedies that provide adequate sustenance for people of African and Native American diasporas. 

This two-year project will be based within the Dunbar Pavilion as part of a more comprehensive set of resources already present and will empower participants in developing, guiding, and directing positive personal and environmental health outcomes for themselves, their families, and their communities.

To find out more about The Dunbar Pavilion, please visit or call (520) 791-7795.

About The Dunbar Pavilion

The Dunbar Pavilion is recognized as a beacon for social and cultural enlightenment, educating, preserving and celebrating the rich history and culture of people of African descent while stimulating community collaboration that captures and continues our legacy.