The Arizona Tribune: Tucson’s Dunbar Receives $100,000 Grant

The Dunbar Coalition has received $100000 grant which will be used to fund various programs supporting the health and well-being of people of color. The grant would be obtained from the Agnese Haury Program of Environment and Social Justice at the University of Arizona. The total fund will be received in double terms.

The Dunbar Coalition, the governing body of the Dunbar Pavilion, will be partnering with the El Rio Health Centers, the Coalition for African American Health and Wellness and the University of Arizona Center for Regional Food Studies. The Centre creates and counts programming. Culturally relevant workshops are also a part of that programming. The workshops are based on healthy eating practices, traditional modes of healing, exercise classes and more.

Debi Chess Mabie, who leads the effort to revitalize the Dunbar Pavilion said, “The grant will fund our first programming effort, up until this point, we’ve been a space.”

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